Half Jane Austen // Half Beyoncé

gid ohmygud

Hello, my name is Giulia Ursenna but everybody calls me Gud.

I’m a designer, a typomaniac, a writer, a painter, an illustrator.

I’m a professional artist and an eclectic pro.

International brands use my design, lettering and typographic products, but I always think that the project yet to come will be my best one, maybe our project.

I’ve worked in design and architectural studios in the past six years, then I cofounded with Cosimo, Ergonauth, a  Florence based smart design reality.

I occasionally write for local and national paper and blog, I like talking about politics, art, food, cocktails and answering love letters. Not always politely.
I published a collection of poem with one of my favorite nom de plume, if you find it, you deserve a special dedication or a service discount.

I love to travel, to pet my three evil dogs, to try every restaurant I heard and didn’t about, to cook everything in every possible way (like the best italian stereotype),
to listen my soulmate vinyl collection, to make stuff in digital and interactive way and to put my heart in very analogical and old-fashioned projects.

If you have some question or you understood I’m the perfect person for your project:

Write me & Hire me.

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